Call for Applicants! 2020 Central MA CPCU Society Scholarships

Mon, 04/13/2020 - 07:04

The Central Massachusetts CPCU chapter announces its Annual Scholarship Award Program.  The scholarships are funded through contributions from the local insurance community and the Central Mass CPCU Chapter.  Please note applications for Spring 2020 Scholarship must be received by Wednesday June 10, 2020 and the winner (s) will be announced by June 17, 2020.



Individual scholarships, amounts up to $1000 each awarded.

Scholarship is made payable to the student. 

(Award may not exceed the educational costs of the applicant including tuition, fees, books and study materials.)


Who will be eligible:

All Central Massachusetts Chapter CPCU members in good standing with the National Society and Central MA Chapter are eligible.  Immediate family members of these individuals are also eligible.

(Immediate family members include spouse or domestic partner, child, legal guardian or grandchild).

Other eligible applicants include those working in the insurance industry or related services fields who have had a significant influence on the Central MA Chapter.  Immediate family members (as defined above) of these individuals may also apply.



High school seniors planning to attend college or other institutions of advanced education, such as a school of nursing, an art or music school, or trade school are eligible candidates.  Eligibility extends to seniors in college and students in graduate programs.  Candidate in an insurance course of study which results in a degree or designation which is not fully subsidized by the applicant’s employer are also eligible.


What information we will need in the application process:

A completed application containing general questions.  For individuals planning to attend college or school full time, a transcript copy is required.  A letter of recommendation is optional.  All application information will be kept confidential.  Eligible applicants may apply for a scholarship more than once.

Multiple family members of eligible CPCU’s may apply in the same year


Who will decide the winner:

A point person will collect the applications and blank out the name of the applicant.  The Scholarship Selection Committee will evaluate the candidates on a blind basis and select the winning application(s).  All applications will be returned to the point person and the winner(s) will be announced.  (If a Chapter member is interested in serving on the Selection Committee, please contact a Central MA Chapter Officer.)

The Scholarship Selection Criteria will review:

  1. The completed application
  2. Academic excellence (for high school/college applicants a copy of school transcript showing GPA)
  3. Community service & extracurricular activities such as sports, church,civic,fraternal, recreational or charitable groups
  4. Past and current employment. Contribution towards their own education expenses
  5. Any reimbursement for education from employer
  6. Awards from other groups (recognition or financial)
  7. Letter of recommendation  (optional)  


Applications available by visiting our Chapter web site or by contacting Shawn O'Neill, CPCU   Phone | 800.221.1605  Ext. 15368  Email |

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